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this morning, spy fall. the head of the cia, four-star general david petraeus, forced to resign over a sex scandal. who is the woman at the center of this story? and what does it mean for america's national security? storming the power company. fed up and frustrated, residents without electricity, almost two weeks after superstorm sandy, joining in protest. adding insult to injury, they just got their utility bills in the mail. special delivery. the woman who went into labor at a bus stop and got help from a quick-thinking, complete stranger who doesn't even speak the same language. >> oh, my god. the baby was just born. oh, my god. the baby is here. >> we have the happy reunion at the hospital. ♪ brown sugar and brown sugar. love letters from a young mick jagger to the woman who inspired the rolling stone's smash hit. did rock's bad boy really recite emily dickinson?
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i guess we're going to have to consider -- reconsider mick jagger, reading poetry. >> he's a very smart man, from the london school of economics. he's a bright one there. >> we're going to give you a whole, new look at mick jagger, coming up. we do have a busy morning. not only do we have a sex scandal involving the cia chief. but also this question -- after a two-year-long, $6 billion presidential campaign, are we any closer to preventing what's called taxmageddon? the latest this morning on whether the president and the republicans can keep us from going off the fiscal cliff. >> some saying if we do go off the fiscal cliff, we'll go into recession, as well. the stock market on a spiral, as well. and take a look at this, we're going to switch gears. thousands of "twilight" die-hards setting up camp for days outside of a los angeles movie theater just to be there monday when the stars come out for the premiere of "breaking dawn part 2."
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and it's not just teenage girls. there's fans of all ages, anxiously waiting for the final installment. we'll tell you what the movie studio is doing to help them pass the time in line. that's all ahead. but we're going to start with new details on the affair that's brought down the head of the cia. the decorated and celebrated four-star general, david petraeus, once considered a possible presidential candidate. this all started with an fbi investigation between e-mail between petraeus and his biographer, a woman named paula broadwell. so, we start this morning, with our senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, who is in washington. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the nation's keeper of secrets was keeping a scandalous one of his own. and just like that, an affair taints a storied military career and life of service to country. the resignation of the cia director stunned a city not easily shocked. one of the country's most respected and disciplined public officials left office admitting an indiscretion. in a statement to cia employees, petraeus acknowledged an affair
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and what he called extremely poor judgment. such behavior is unacceptable, the statement said. both as a husband, and as a leader of an organization such as ours. on thursday, petraeus went to the white house to turn in his resignation. the same place he had so frequently been called on to serve. >> it is a great privilege to serve with our young men and women. >> reporter: the affair was discovered by the fbi after concerns about inappropriate e-mails associated with petraeus surfaced. a focus of the probe turned to petraeus' biographer, paula broadwell. >> we would do a lot of interviews on runs. for him, i think it was a good distraction from the war. >> reporter: petraeus had been the public face of two wars. one of the architects of the successful surge in iraq, which helped bring the war there to an end. from iraq to afghanistan. then, the call to head the cia. >> are you ready to come back? ready for the cia? >> i feel very fortunate to have
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been provided such an opportunity to continue to serve and contribute, if confirmed. >> reporter: as he took over cia, holly, his wife of 37 years, stood by his side, as she had done so many times before. the two had met at west point. she was from a long line of army royalty. her great, great grandfather fought in the civil war. her own father was a retired four-star general. the president praised the director's dedication and patriotism. and his thoughts were with holly petraeus. now, it's the petraeus family that faces the strain of a deeply personal failure. but the nation's top spy has the to be above reproach. he had to go. such a revelation was simply devastating. bianna? >> so many people still stunned. pierre, thank you. now, to the woman at the center of the scandal. biographer paula broadwell. it was the fbi's investigation into her that led to the downfall of petraeus.
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broadwell had been very public about what was described as an unusually close relationship with the general. and now sources familiar with the investigation tell abc news, at some point, that relationship turned into an affair. like petraeus, broadwell also had an impressive background. and now, a reputation in shambles. our coverage continues with abc's reena ninan in washington. good morning, reena. >> reporter: they are both known as overachievers. while paula broadwell has been making the media rounds for her gushing, 400-page biographer about the four-star general. it's not the only one that the fbi is eager to learn more about their relationship. paula broadwell, lifelong overachiever since high school in north dakota, where she was valedictorian and homecoming queen. went on to receive honors for academics and leadership at west point. and was ranked number one overall in fitness in her class. she spent some time in the black ops, got a degree from harvard. and later, became biographer with david petraeus. >> do you ever feel like he
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dropped his guard with you? >> no, no secrets. >> reporter: during a book tour this year to promote that biography, broadwell spoke about her access to petraeus, taping many of the interviews for her book, while running six-minute miles with the general. >> to get to know him, he wanted to run with you. >> i thought i would test him. but he was going to test me. but that was the foundation of our relationship. >> reporter: that relationship, now placing the highly-accomplished 40-year-old mother of two in the center of a cia scandal. >> you seem to have a -- i don't know if special relationship is the right word. but he's taken a liking to you. >> reporter: on wfae radio, she was careful to protect her reputation, now tarnished. >> i think, you know, he was concerned a little bit about his legacy, as a leader in that position naturally would be. and he was excited to have someone he could trust. >> reporter: married to radiologist, dr. scott broadwell, she seemed as disciplined about her marriage as she is about her fitness. >> you can do it.
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come on. >> is this how arguments are settled in your house, by any chance? >> i don't win much. >> reporter: broadwell's 40th birthday was yesterday. she has 15 years of military service under her belt. dan? >> reena, thank you. there's another big story brewing in washington this morning. one that will impact the bank account of every american. the president and the republican speaker of the house, in a high-stakes duel over how to prevent a looming calamity known as taxmageddon. can they cut a deal here? abc's david kerley at the white house. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the clock is ticking. less than two months until that fiscal cliff. the president has invited congressional leaders to come to the white house next week. both sides are talking compromise. but both also put stakes in the ground. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: if you listen to the president -- >> i'm not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: and the speaker of the house -- >> everything, on the revenue
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side and the spending side has to be looked at. >> reporter: it sounded like a deal to avoid that fiscal cliff of tax hikes, $3,700 for the average family, and massive spending cuts, all possibly sending us back into recession. it sounded like a deal is possible. but then -- >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> reporter: that means more tax money. >> raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> reporter: and that's the problem. the president declared the election proof that americans agree with his approach, including the rich paying more, even though the congressional budget office says letting taxes increase for the rich, could cost 200,000 jobs. >> it would be a negative. but it would be digestible. and i think at the end of the day, necessary to address our long-term fiscal policy. >> reporter: the opening negotiating position from the republicans seems to be, don't increase tax rates.
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but get rid of some deductions to bring in more tax money. that may not be enough to keep us from going over that fiscal cliff. but that fall may be enough to force political leaders to finally do something. >> if we do, in fact, nail this down, reasonably so, i think the economy's off and running. so, we're just one piece of legislation away from a much stronger economy. >> reporter: but getting that one piece of legislation may prove very difficult. the president said the voters picked his path. and the house speaker, rightly points out that americans did return a republican house. divided government. the question, bianna, can they unite to avoid this fiscal cliff? >> that is the big question. can they meet halfway? david, thank you. and now, to the very angry and frustrated victims of hurricane sandy. hundreds of thousands still without power and demanding answers, some 12 days after the devastating storm hit.
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as the long lines show, getting gas is still a big problem around parts of new york, as well. but what's not a problem is getting a special delivery in the mail, power bills. abc's john schriffen has the latest from hicksville, long island. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is day two of the gas restrictions in new york city and here on long island. to give you an idea how fast this gas is going, just a few minutes ago, they put this sign on this pump, no more gas. at five out of the eight pumps at this station, drivers are telling us that the lines continue to wrap around the corner, more than an hour long. and they're only getting longer. but if you think these drivers are frustrated, meet the people here on long island who still don't have power. >> you're a liar. >> you're a liar. >> reporter: look out for the torches and pitchforks because the residents on long island are beyond angry. going on nearly two weeks with no power. now, turning on their elected officials. >> they are all working to make things better. there is not -- >> reporter: in this region, there are still hundreds of thousands without power.
7:11 am
one of the biggest offenders, the long island power authority. to put it kindly, lipa has been unresponsive. without sending out update letters or even apologies, would you believe what some people got in the mail? a bill. >> nobody knows nothing in the building. >> reporter: trying to take matters into their own hands, one woman even carrying her 14-month-old son, they stormed the power company's building to get answers. >> who gets the blame? >> reporter: in a last-minute press conference overnight lipa was a no-show. instead, leaving the company that manages their grid to take the heat. >> we currently forecast about 95% of those customers impacted by the storm will be restored by the end of day tuesday. we'll continue to work tirelessly until all of them are restored. >> reporter: the frustration doesn't end there. in a community depending on cars and generators, long lines snake around gas stations, the ones that are actually open for
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business. to shorten the wait, new york city and long island implemented a rationing program friday. but our own linsey davis found one woman breaking the rules, challenging the government to step it up. >> it doesn't make any sense what they're doing to us. it is not -- >> you don't think they should ration the gas? >> at all. at all. i think they should do the work. >> reporter: because a major oil refinery in our region went down because of the storm, experts say there have been fewer deliveries. meaning these lines here at the pump could be here to stay for at least the next few weeks. dan and bianna? >> can you imagine? patience is wearing so thin on these people. >> rightfully so. there's other headlines developing this morning. incredible. ron, the other headlines? >> we do have other headlines. good morning, everyone. beginning with the sentencing for the ohio teenager convicted of the craigslist killing. 17-year-old brogan rafferty will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole for his role in the deadly plot. he was convicted of killing three men and trying to kill a fourth, after luring them with phony craigslist job offers.
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his alleged accomplice goes on trial next year. and the young pakistani girl who stood up to the taliban and survived, being shot in the head by militant gunmen is being honored around the world. the united nations has declared today malala day. a call to action to educate girls around the globe. abc's muhammad lila has her story. >> reporter: she's the young girl that is changing the world. 14-year-old malala yousafzai is recovering at hospitals with messages of support. messages like, you're an amazing person. a very brave girl. and a great example to us all. one month ago, malala was gunned down by the taliban. her only crime, crusading for the right of girls to go to school, something the taliban opposes. this is one of the headlines you'll find here in pakistan. malala, the bravest girl in the world. her case is now a rallying cry for all girls to receive an education. >> she gave us an example. so, we follow. >> reporter: millions of young girls have been inspired by
7:14 am
malala. and the u.n. is now pushing for leaders in pakistan and everywhere to make girls' education a priority. >> the idea that a girl simply for going to school, or wanting to go to school, was shot by the taliban, is just so unspeakable. >> reporter: around the world, an estimated 32 million girls don't have access to an education. even malala's own classmate who was hurt in the attack, says she's too afraid to go back to school, praying for her best friend to come home. >> i pray for malala. you are coming soon. >> reporter: it's a hope now shared by millions. muhammad lila, abc news, islamabad. and the obama administration is extending a key deadline for its health care law. states will now have have at least an extra month to submit their plans for health insurance exchanges. those are the online markets where millions of americans are expected to get private coverage subsidized by the government. many states delayed their plans to see if president obama would be re-elected.
7:15 am
he was. and the u.s. supreme court will hear a challenge to the landmark law that protects against racial discrimination at the polls. the voting rights act requires all or parts of 16 states with a history of discrimination in voting to get federal approval before changing the way they hold elections. the high court considered but did not rule on the same issue three years ago. finally, good karma, if you believe in karma, for a chicago man who helped clean up after hurricane sandy. john turner and the staff of his water removal business came to new jersey. they traveled there to clean flooded homes. after a hard day of work, he bought a lottery scratchoff ticket. you see where this is going. he won 100,000 bucks. not surprisingly, he plans to donate some of that money. good deeds, rewarded by karma. >> good for him. >> ron claiborne, i hope you have good karma, as well. let's get it to ginger zee and the weather. big storm in the western part of the country. >> that's right. skiers are rejoicing. i'd say that's the headline this
7:16 am
morning, even though it did turn into more than 100 accidents in salt lake city. let me show you parts of montana first. great falls is where we start. and here we didn't have as many problems. but over a foot started -- fell since the video you're seeing there. and then, we go to salt lake. and in salt lake itself, they didn't get a foot. but they got enough to cause all of those accidents. north and into parts of the other mountain states did get over a foot. and more to come. look at the snow forecast again. when you're a skier, this is feeling good. especially before the holiday. the only parts that could get into the valley would be more populated parts of north dakota. but more than two feet will fall in some of the colorado mountain ranges. pretty cool for all of the people that want some snow. look at the temperature difference. kansas city, 75 today. oklahoma, 75. big, cold air behind it. 48 denver. 10 in great falls where that video was from. when you have the cold and the hot on the other side, you get storms. you could have large hail, 75-mile-per-hour winds. anything like that is going to be creating some afternoon and
7:17 am
evening thunderstorms. stay with your local abc stations. the storm zone, getting some nicer weather. >> such an array of weather happening lately, i had to share with you a picture. first, from idaho, this one, some frosted trees there over the lake. just makes winter look nice. you kind of want it to start when it looks that way, at least out your window with the warm fire. beautiful colors, too, from tennessee. we haven't seen too much of
7:18 am
that. a lot of the leaves got ripped off in the northeast. bright yellows and reds to start your saturday. >> thanks, ginger. now, we're going to talk about mick jagger. back in the '60s, he was considered a druggy, a ruffian, an anarchist and all-around troublemaker. >> but now, a hidden trove of secret love letters have surfaced that call that reputation into question. abc's john muller is here with more. he's quite the ladies' man. >> reporter: she is a singer and actress that gained notoriety in the '60s and '70s. but she's most famous for her relationship with that rock 'n' roll icon. a relationship that produced mick jagger's first child. now, marsha hunt is putting her love letters from a young mick jagger up for auction. it is a rock 'n' roll anthem. now, the woman said to be the inspiration for the song "brown sugar" is kissing, telling and cashing in. marsha hunt, selling her love letters from mick jagger, penned in the summer of 1969. ♪ brown sugar just like a young girl should ♪ >> reporter: her love letters
7:19 am
from a young mick jagger are hitting the auction block. hunt says she's broke, unable to pay her bills. sotheby's will auction of the letters in mid-december. they are expected to fetch up to $160,000. ♪ it's all right >> reporter: the letters from "jumping jack flash" is said to show the sensitive side of the young singer in his 20s, reciting the poetry from emily dickinson, among other things. jagger's relationship with hunt, who was african-american, was kept under wraps until 1972. they produced a daughter named karis. hunt says, someone i hope will buy those letters, as our generation is dying. and with us will go the reality of who we were and what life was. jagger also talks in the letters of the disintegrating relationship with maryann faithful, who he was dating at the time, and the death
7:20 am
of rolling stone guitarist, brian jones. hunt, a high-profile fixture of the 1960s, is now 66 and living in france. she says the letters speak for mick at an incredible juncture in our lives. the summer of '69 was the end of a whole era of revolutionary spirit. we didn't know it. it was about to die. ♪ i can't get no >> reporter: while the letters have remained a secret, the affair has not. the letters will add to a well-compensated chapter in rock 'n' roll history. despite the love letters and the softer side, it didn't last. a bitter paternity battle ensued between jagger and hunt. hunt says she plans to use the money from the love letters to do much-needed repairs on her home. save your love letters, guys. they could be worth something. >> i would be interested to hear his reaction. he's come a long way. now, to the story of a mom helping a mom. complete strangers in an unlikely place under extraordinary circumstances. >> imagine this. a woman in labor at a bus stop. another woman rushing to help her. with neither speaking the same
7:21 am
language. and the baby? well, wasn't about to wait. following an afternoon on campus with her son, 36-year-old emily brewer was flagged down as she waited for the bus. >> we're sitting here, enjoying the beautiful day. and this woman comes up to me. and she's in distress. and she's pointing to her friend inside the bus shelter. >> reporter: on this bus stop bench, elizabeth lopez had just gone into labor. brewer, with no medical training immediately called 911. >> hi. there's a woman who's going into labor right now at a bus shelter. >> okay. all right. >> oh, my god. the baby was just born. oh, my god. the baby's here. >> she had the baby? >> she had the baby. >> reporter: lopez only speaks spanish. and brewer didn't have a translator. but despite the less than ideal delivery room, the two women worked together for what brewer calls a surprisingly easy birth. >> oh, baby.
7:22 am
oh, baby. gentlemen, this baby was just born. oh, my gosh. i think in a situation like that, if you've been through labor, you speak mother. >> reporter: within minutes, paramedics took over. the next time brewer saw lopez, was in this hospital bed with her happy, healthy baby girl. >> so beautiful, to see this small child i saw come into the world, sleeping so serenely, wrapped up in her burrito blanket. >> reporter: it's an experience that brewer and her 2-year-old son, dylan, will never forget. >> i just witnessed a birth at a bus stop. i'll never think of this bus stop the same again. >> i love that. she said, we both spoke the language of mother. and elizabeth is actually thinking of naming her daughter emily now. >> that's really cute. great story. coming up here on "gma," new twist in the case of the big-time tennis refs accused of killing her husband with a coffee cup. the question, will new dna
7:23 am
evidence exonerate lois goodman? plus, "twilight" zone. thousands set up camp to see the premiere of "breaking dawn 2." we'll show you the fun actives fans of all ages can take part in during their long wait. >> we're going to set up a tent for bianna. >> no way. >> to join them in a day or two. also coming up, a happy ending for sandy. she's the puppy abandoned during the superstorm. we introduced you to her last weekend. we have an update. and it's a good one, after a very quick break on "gma" this saturday morning. we'll see you in a minute. let you in on a secret... we don't have to wait until black friday to get the break-the-door-down black friday prices on appliances at the home depot. we can upgrade to sleeker... larger and more energy-efficient at black friday prices... today.
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i'll tell you this at least, you have to admire their commitment. thousands of "twilight" fans, also known as twihards, camping out for days before monday's premiere. these aren't all tween girls. you can see grown women out here. why? and how do they spend their time? and when will bianna join them? all of that coming up here on "good morning america." >> it does beg the question, is there anything you would camp out for for two days? >> no. probably nothing. >> have to hand it to them. it's entertaining to watch. good morning. i'm bianna golodryga, along with dan harris. brace yourself. reports about a pop star breakup. >> oh, no. >> did justin bieber and selena gomez really call it quits? we've heard the rumors before. but, ron, this time, they say it may be for real. >> really? this is bad. >> i'll tell you what the final straw is.
7:31 am
>> ron is an old-school belieber. you've been a belieber since way back, right? >> that kid owes me 20 bucks, by the way. >> $20. with interest. >> he never holds a grudge. one of the many things we love about ron claiborne. last weekend, we introduced you to a little puppy named sandy, who was abandoned during the superstorm. she was looking for a home. we have an update. first, a shocking twist in the case of the professional tennis umpire accused of bludgeoning her husband to death with a coffee mug. lois goodman was arrested back in august, dressed in the u.s. open uniform. it looks like the case against her may have been turned upside down. abc's mark greenblatt is here with that story. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. she is alleged to have badly beaten her husband, leaving him to die while going to get a manicure. but this morning, lawyers from this tennis referee are hoping that science will set their client free. lawyers for lois goodman hope that new dna evidence will exonerate their 70-year-old client. the long-time tennis umpire
7:32 am
stands accused of bludgeoning to death her husband with a coffee cup. charges goodman's daughter has refuted for months. >> my mother would never do something like this. never in a million years. she's completely innocent. >> reporter: the tennis line judge has sparred with john mcenroe and some of the sport's biggest stars on the court. and was still in uniform when police arrested her just days before the u.s. open in august, charging her with the murder of alan goodman. >> we did an autopsy. and it was determined that he died at the hands of another. >> reporter: but now, her lawyer says new forensic evidence recently turned over by prosecutors, shows lois goodman's dna was nowhere to be found on the alleged murder weapon, bolstering their claim alan goodman fell down the stairs and hit his head on that coffee cup. it's the latest salvo from the defense, after they previously hired a retired fbi agent to administer a polygraph test,
7:33 am
looking for abnormal body language. >> i asked, did you kill alan goodman? and at your residence, did you kill your husband? there was no physiological reaction attached to those answers that she gave, which were no. >> reporter: his conclusion -- >> innocent woman. >> reporter: as for the latest revelation, law enforcement experts say the lack of dna on the coffee cup won't make a difference at trial. >> it doesn't really matter if her dna was found or not. it's not uncommon for a suspect's dna to not be on a murder weapon, whether it be a gun, a knife, in this case, a coffee cup. >> reporter: and the very reason he says that is if the suspect holding that coffee cup had any gloves on, it wouldn't leave dna behind. police say they are certain this was no accident. >> i sat with her family. they are certain that she is innocent. this is a really interesting case. mark, thank you so much. time, now, for the other headlines of the morning. and back to our belieber in chief, ron claiborne. >> i'm not going to enforce that 20 bucks he owes me. no big deal.
7:34 am
in the news, new details about the affair that forced the former four-star general david petraeus to resign as head of the cia. sources familiar with the investigation tell abc news he was having an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. and american airlines appears to be one step closer to exiting bankruptcy. the airline and the pilots union has reached an agreement in principle on a new contract. the pilots could vote on it within three weeks. and good news if we ever make it to mars. there should be internet access. good to know. nasa has successfully tested an experimental interplanetary internet, getting the international space station to remote-control a robot on earth. valuable research there. finally, a baboon at a petting zoo has found its own animal to pet. the baboon, nameless, apparently, has adopted a kitten that strayed into its cage and won't let it out of sight. if we have to name the baboon, let's call it sandy. time, now, for the weather over to ginger. >> good morning, everybody. it's been a cool couple of days in the southeast.
7:35 am
i want to start in atlanta. that's where we see a beautiful start to the day. again, a little chilly. 42 right now. they'll get up into the low 70s. look at that beautiful blue sky. what a way to start your weekend. 76 for tallahassee. 75 for jackson. nashville, today, will make it to 73. slightly warmer on the backside of the high pressure system. now, we'll fly across the nation. you have all that snow in the mountain west, into parts of the northern dakotas. that's where things could become a little hairy on the roadways. now, i'll leave you with t >> this weather report has been brought to you by ensure. dan and bianna, here in the northeast, i mentioned it. it feels good that it's not as cold and not as stormy. >> finally. >> this is a rare time for you
7:36 am
to enjoy no weather. she roots for the storms. we have opposing interests on this. ginger, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america," these women may not go camping in the woods. but they are willing to live in tents for days to be among the first to see the final "twilight" movie. we're going to find out how they're staying busy out there. and adele answerers her critics. the superstar singer revealing the only two things that would make her lose weight.
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it is a bittersweet time for twihards, that the "twilight" saga is coming to an end. the final movie hits theaters next week. but some fans are going all-out to say good-bye. more than 2,000 are camping out in los angeles, hoping to be among the first to see the movie and the movie's big stars. abc's tanya rivero is here. >> reporter: there's a lot of people out there. and "twilight: breaking dawn part 2" doesn't even open until friday. but these uber fans are getting a jump-start on the most die-hard twihards, pitching
7:41 am
tents for a spot on the black carpet premiere. these tent city twihards are working out. while camping out. >> i brought my "twilight" blanket. my edward one. >> reporter: many here since 8:00 a.m. thursday morning, all with hopes to get into the highly-anticipated premiere of "breaking dawn 2," the final installment in the blockbuster saga. >> i never felt more alive. >> reporter: lest you think this is a generational thing, it's not just the young ones waiting in line. for every screaming teenage fan, there's a swooning mother. >> i love it. i love the story. >> reporter: and grandmother. waiting to see her favorite vampire or werewolf. by friday, close to 400 tents had sprouted next to the famed
7:42 am
nokia theater. in the shadow of the staples center, where the most die-hard twihards from around the globe have gathered. to see the supernatural trifecta of bella, edward and jacob in the flesh, on the black carpet. >> we're from england. in england, they don't have anything like this for a premiere. >> reporter: these fans crossed the pond to see fellow brit robert pattinson. and these fans from france. say no distance is too far for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> rob. >> reporter: "twilight" is no random gathering of fans. it's a highly-organized event put together by production company, summit entertainment. complete with screenings of the previous "twilight" films, exercise classes and concerts. the perfect buildup to an epic ending.
7:43 am
and organizers expect the numbers of campers will swell to more than 2,000 by monday. but don't worry. the nokia theater is a 7,000-seat auditorium. so, the production company has promised all the tent city twihards will get a ticket to monday's premiere. >> that's quite a scene. what do these grandmothers and moms tell their families? >> they're all in love with rob. they think he's the ideal man or vampire, as the case may be. >> i guess. good luck to them. thanks, tanya. and coming up on "good morning america," beliebers. say it ain't so. is it splitsville for power couple justin bieber and salena gomez? and we have a happy update about sandy the dog, abandoned during the storm and left looking for a new home.
7:44 am
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we have some breaking "pop news." >> excuse me. >> ron is holding some props that we'll get to in a minute. we do have some breaking "pop news" as i said. our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet" rachel smith is here. >> hey. pipe down, ron, okay? all right. adele is the latest celebrity sounding off against critics about her weight. she talks about it candidly in her biography, simply titled "adele." the grammy award winning singer and new mom says she's perfectly happy being size 14 to 16. in fact, she even revealed the only reason she would lose weight, and i quote, if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn't. yes. >> you're quoting? >> i'm leaving it to her. >> you're not saying it. >> no, i'm not. in adele's words, people.
7:49 am
and justin bieber was selena gomez's boyfriend. but it looks like he's letting her go. the young stars are reportedly calling it quits because of their crazy schedules. it makes it nearly impossible for the two to maintain a relationship. but the biebs doesn't seem to be taking it too hard. he's been spotted out this week with victoria's secret model barbara palvin. she tweeted this photo of them after this week's victoria's secret fashion show. hmm. >> it's not you, it's my schedule, right? >> yeah. it's a happy love. and there's the photo she tweeted out. i guess they were spotted at several locations. >> a very romantic face he is making there. and let's talk about one of my favorite gal, bridget jones. she is making a comeback. helen fielding, the author of the character, played by renee zellweger on the big screen, is busy writing a third novel in the series. fielding says this is going to take place in present-day london with bridget facing present-day insecurities, with things like social media, internet dating and texting.
7:50 am
there's also a third movie in the works. both the book and film are due out next year. and there's a musical adaptation underway, as well. >> i love that series. >> i do, too. can't get enough. here's where the props come into play. ron, are you ready? >> yeah. >> we had cupcakes this morning. we might as well have candy, too, right? >> i'm going to pass it around. >> it tastes sweet. but the new candy will have you smelling sweet. deo perfume candy is an edible deodorant. >> now, i don't want to eat it. >> oh, come on. come on. >> how is that appealing? >> it says it leaves a lingering rose scent through your skin. and the makers say it's has the effects of garlic. when you eat garlic, it comes out of your pores, as well. >> they should drop that part of the marketing. >> a big armpit here. >> and it has a naturally occurring plant in it, such as
7:51 am
rose with lavender and vanilla. so, the company says one of these will keep 145-pound person smelling fresh for 6 hours. we shall see. >> told you about the deodorants of regular snacks. we'll be back with an update on a little puppy named sandy. keep it here. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. whatever it takes, get to sears veteran's day sale. get 50% off coats for the family. this 39 inch lcd tv for $279.99. and up to 50% off all mechanics tool sets.
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7:55 am
we spent so much time talking about edible deodorant, we have to quickly tell you about sandy, the puppy on the set last weekend. she was abandoned during the superstorm. her owners threw her out of the car. a nice family picked her up and brought her to the aspca where she was put up for adoption. sandy has a new permanent home. that's her new owner. his name is michael. a round of applause. a few pieces of edible deodorant we're sending his way. thanks for joining us, everybody. we really appreciate it. we're right back here tomorrow with more "gma."
7:56 am
good morning, the financial benefits the golden state warriors is estimated at $54 million and that is just for the starters. they plan to build a new 17,000 seat arena. according to the san francisco chronicle, a new study projects $56 million in one time revenue followed by $19 million after each year after that.
7:57 am
hercules city councilmember faces possible censure under unethical conduct. contra costa times reports that a councilwoman is hot water with several council members for silence ago resident over on blog post that she believed was critical of her. they accuse her of interferes in a premeditated manner. let's check the forecast. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: looking at sunshine behind me. good morning. here the view from mount tam. frost advisory has been allowed to expire where temperatures last hour, has been in the 30s. 34 in napa. right now we are looking more 40s and 50s. a little bit of mixing out there allowing temperatures to stay quite mild from oakland and also along the shoreline. definitely a cold start and
7:58 am
tomorrow morning, by the afternoon, temperatures still a as much as 10 degrees below average. 59 in oakland as well as fremont with 58 in san jose. more sunshine here, not warming up. 57 to monterey. 58 in gilroy. possibility in the seven-day of more showers. >> terry: thanks very much. "abc 7 news" at 8:00 is next.
7:59 am

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